Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Today, we're celebrating Leap Day. We just put a pan of Leap Year Day cake in the oven. Recipe found here:

I am a frosting fanatic, so I'm adding strawberry cream cheese frosting. We're also playing Leap Frog and once dad comes home (if it's not raining) we're going to play a nice game of Stick Frog. This is a Boone family thing (Padre Boone would be so proud). :)

We also just got a new baby lamb that we're bottle feeding. Since the other two sheep that we own have "F" names (Floppy and Flossy), this one has just been christened Fanny. She's a cutie. The kids don't know that fanny is another word for the back side, or they'd be cracking up and making jokes. Anything to do with the bum or potty language makes them laugh uncontrollably. Oh, children!!

We hope you're finding a reason to have fun on this day that only comes around every four years!!

Happy Leap Day!!

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